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Since the dawn of mankind, humans have been wearing hats as a protective covering. Historical evidence such as cave painting, tomb painting, coin heads, and sculptures have proven that ancient civilizations throughout the world had a shared knowledge of the importance of hats. It is believed that the first type of hats worn by ancients civilizations were made of animal skins and then of felt. Historians generally believe the felting process was discovered by ancient Asian nomadic tribes, such as the Mongolians. There are evidence that they have used felted wool to make tents, blankets and various articles of clothing (leg, body, and head coverings) to protect themselves from the harsh cold weather.

Many different types of hats have been made using the felting process. We have seen it used to make the Capotain hat in the 16th century and the Bicorne hat of the late 18th century. (The Bicorne Hat is the Napoléon Bonaparte hat.) However, it wasn't until 1862 when it was first used to make a cowboy hat. Known as the inventor of cowboy hats, John B. Stetson, made a felt cowboy hat during a summer's night, to entertain his companions around a camp fire. He later sold the hat to a horseman and then named the hat, "The Boss of the Plains." Over one hundred years later, the cowboy hat is still the most striking image of the western horseman.

Numerous types of straw have also been used to make all types of hats. The most notable would be the panama straw hat. It is made out of toquilla straw from the Ecuadorian palm, Carludovica Palmata. The panama hat is often considered "The Legendary Hat," as it has been sought after by the average person to the Royalty in all corners of the world. In the mid-1800's, the finest panama hat was presented to the Emperor of France, Napoleon III and in 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt donned a panama hat for a press photo shoot. Even after hundreds of years later, the finest of panama hats, the Montecristi, are still being sought after by hat enthusiasts from all parts of the world.

Many presidential candidates have worn Stetson cowboy hats during their campaining trails to show their american heritage. From emperors to empresses and presidents to first ladies, royal families have historically worn hats as a mark of class, rank and fashion.


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